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Welcome to Bell Baxter High School


We are delighted to welcome you to our website.

We hope that you like the re-designed layout and find it easy to access information. As you can see there is an extensive range of menus with key information about the life of the school. We work hard to ensure that the information on the site is current and relevant.

Information can be found on school policies, staff teams, Faculties and the curriculum they offer and the important work of the Parent Council. Furthermore, we have a new calendar feature whereby you can sync the school calendar to your smartphone, thereby keeping up -to-date with key dates and notified of any changes throughout the year.

Our website is also a fantastic forum to celebrate our young people's achievements and successes as well as providing details of our wide range of Study Support and extra-curricular programmes.

We see our website as an important aspect of our partnership with young people, parents and the local community, which adds to the high quality learning experience we strive to offer in Bell Baxter High School. We hope you enjoy visiting our site and whilst we are still upgrading it if you have any suggestion on how we might continue to improve it, please get in touch with suggestions marked for the attention of Karen Manders, Depute Rector.



Vision & Values

  • Curiosity
  • Togetherness
  • Excellence
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The Bell Baxter Learning Standard

  • Create Purpose

    What are we learning?
    Why is this important?
    How do we know we're successful?

  • Inspire

    A hook that generates curiosity

  • Challenge & Engage

    Activities that:
    - Make young people think
    - Meets their needs
    - Sets the pace

  • Reflect & Review

    What has been learned?
    How do we know
    What next?


     Learning Environment     


  Knowing Learners  

   Effective Questioning