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Welcome to the ASN Faculty

In order to best meet the often-complex needs of the young people and wider community within BellBaxter, a wide range of strategies and engagements are used to best support and build upon the good work that goes on within the school setting.

To achieve a vision of bringing out the best in our young people and each other, we share and model the ethos of ‘how you are doing’, is as important as ‘what you are doing’. By creating and enhancing nurturing and strong relationships across the settings, we aim to provide and promote a ‘family & team’ environment. This allows us to better tailor support to where it will have the greatest impact on needs and learning and thus build capacity for resilience and engagement in environments where we celebrate success and meet challenges together.

Our ASN remits and roles can be seen and experienced in a multifaceted approach across the school and community.

*Members of the team also are often in classes themselves providing support for young people and wider community to promote the best opportunities to engage with and succeed in learning. These engagements are used to support the vision of an inclusive environment where challenges are embraced and supported in a non-judgemental manner allowing young people to flourish and achieve their full potential.

We also have specific Bases designed to create bespoke environments for those young people who may need it to achieve and engage with learning 

Members of the Faculty

Mrs A Birrell, PT ASN

Ms C Pour

Ms L Davie

Ms G Rose

Mrs L Jeffrey

Pupil Support Assistants:

Mrs J Clark

Mrs P Maxwell

Miss J Symmonds

Ms L Nicol

Miss A Buckley

Mrs C Stevenson

Ms B Vasic-Keen

ASN Area

Base 1

Rm 213 (along the Blue Corridor)

This base is primarily to Supporting Specific Learner Needs

In Base1 our team enjoy helping young people access their learning where they may need support. By creating a warm and inclusive setting, young people come in to develop and progress in a whole range of subjects across the week. The team helps guide and give specific support to young people in their learning and their wellbeing. The learners within Base 1 are supported by Mrs Birrell and PSAs within the ASN team, along with members of Guidance to help support independence and success.


Base 2

Rooms along the ‘purple corridor’

Within Base 2 a major focus is Nurture and how that can have a positive effect on how we view ourselves, school and learning. This is lead by Mrs Jeffery and her PSA team, who have created an unique atmosphere that best supports well-being in order to bring out the best in everyone.

Kit Bag, Lego Therapy and a Thera-pet are just some of the activities we use to support our mental well-being and the effect it can have on school and learning.

Mrs Birrell is also part of the Base 2 'family’ that work at different times during the week along with the Guidance team.


As part of our teamwork ethos, the wider school community are welcome to be part of the process and engage with each other and our team in a wide range of activities to enhance the learning that takes place. This better ensures learning in all settings remains positive, along with the young people's view of themselves and their learning within both bases and beyond. Teachers from across faculties can and do come in to give guidance and extra support in order to best promote achievement and progression.


We as a team are also responsible for Assessment Arrangements relating to exams to ensure that every young person has the best opportunity to succeed and attain in their learning and future goals. 

Celebrating Success


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Bell Baxter Resources

Bell Baxter on Twitter

Follow Bell Baxter for all the latest information on what is happening in and around the school related to the school and school life. Here we will post updates to events, projects and achievements by all pupils and staff. 

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Bell Baxter YouTube

Join us for updates on everything that is happening around the school. From pupil productions to updates on events and activities, we hope to keep you updated as best we can. You'll also find helpful guides and tutorials for pupils and adults on how to use programmes such as Glow, Teams and much more. 


External Resources

BBC Bytesize

What is Bitesize?

BBC Bitesize is a free online study support resource designed to help with learning, revision and homework! It provides support for learners aged 5 to 16+ across a wide range of school subjects. It also supports children and young people’s wellbeing and career choices. It is suitable for all ages and subjects across the curriculum.

National Parent Forum of Scotland

The Forum works in partnership with national and local government and other organisations involved in education and child wellbeing issues to ensure that parents play a full and equal role in education. The overall aim is to help every child to maximise their potential through their school life. The Forum also offers the handy Nationals in a Nutshell documents, which break down courses into understandable facts and information.



Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is how teachers will communicate with pupils outwith of school. Each teacher will set up their classes through Teams and issue homework, handouts, and assignments in this manner. Teams is available as an app on most devices, as well as through Glow. We recommend that pupils use the app to access their work.


Office Lens

Office Lens is a handy app that turns your smart device into a scanner. This can be used for scanning work from the whiteboard in school or any assignments completed at home. It is part of the Microsoft suite so it has Teams integration, making submitting work easier. It is also helpful for maintaining and organising notes from jotters and loose leaf paper.