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At Bell Baxter High School our Assessment and Reporting systems are designed to support learning, provide feedback to pupils, parents and other teachers and to young people to identify their next steps in learning. As a school we are committed to: 


  • Pupils knowing and understanding where they are in relation to their learning and progress
  • Pupils knowing what steps they have to take to improve.
  • Pupils having realistic expectations of their levels of attainment. 
  • Parents being aware of their children’s progress and likely attainment.


All pupils from S1-S6 can expect to be involved in a formal dialogue with their teachers in relation to progress targets and next steps.  This information is recorded in our Monitoring and Tracking System.

Reporting and Parents’ Meetings 

  • All pupils in S1-6 will be issued with three Tracking Reports over the year.
  • S1 Parents’ Meetings are held in December to inform parents of how pupils have settled into their courses. 
  • S2 Parents’ Meetings are held in February to support S3 course choices. 
  • S3 Parents’ Meetings are held in February to support S4 course choices.
  • S1-S3 reports provide information on Curriculum for Excellence Level, Progress, Attitude and Homework in addition to a Next Steps Comment, highlighting what the child needs to focus on to make improvements.
  • S4/S5/S6 Parents’ Evenings take place in November.
  • S4/S5/S6 reports provide information on Working Grade, Progress, Attitude and Homework as well as a Next Steps Comment.