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Community & Parent Engagement

Young people from Bell Baxter have been out in the community doing litter picks to improve the local environment. Teachers and young people have been joined by members of the Parent Council...!!!!!!!!!!!

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We hope to keep this section of the website updated with all of the different events that take place within the Bell Baxter community, but in the meantime we have included a small selection of the highlights from this session below.

River Eden Day

During River Eden Day in March 2024 our Global Goals Group raised awareness of our B.Y.O.B campaign to reduce single use plastic in our area by surprising everyone with a flash mob!! We were delighted to be part of day and enjoyed learning about so many other projects in our community . Many thanks to Sustainable Cupar for inviting us and to all organisers for the generous hospitality we received.

Climate Fresk

Some members of our Global Goals group took part in a Climate Fresk led by Youth 1st’s Climate Action Team. They enjoyed taking part in the discussions about the impact of our actions on the environment and created a visual showing the relationship between some of the causes,impact and possible mitigations we can all take to reduce the damage to our planet! 🌎🌱♻️

Pupils preparing signage for Climate Fresk

Pupils working during Climate Fresk

Cupar Youth Charrette