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Course Choice and cOurse Counselling

Course counselling plays an integral part in ensuring young people choose appropriate subjects and levels of study for their career aspiration. Very few young people know their chosen career path from an early age, but developing transferrable skills and an understanding of where these might lead to, will ensure they are heading in the right direction. Choosing the right curriculum pathway for an individual will inevitably lead to improvement in attainment and positive destinations.

We have increased our subject offer to include new qualifications, including Foundation Apprenticeships, National Progression Awards, National Certificates and Open University modules. These are in addition to an expanded offer of National Qualification subjects. Our offer now includes delivery from Fife College.

The wider offer of qualifications supports our aim of ensuring that all young people are studying appropriate subjects at the right level for them.


Please see below for information on curriculum offers to young people for all stages of the curriculum (2024/2025)

Click here for S2 into S3 Course Choice Overview 18 01 24

Click here for S5 & S6 Course Choice Overview 18.01.24


             Curriculum BBHS Curriculum Phase Pathways 2024-2025