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Employability/ Developing the Young Workforce


Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) is the seven-year Scottish Government’s Youth Employment strategy (2014-2021) which aims to better prepare young people for the world of work and reduce youth unemployment by 40%. An ambition of Developing the Young Workforce is that education and employers work closely together to equip all young people with the skills and knowledge they will need to flourish in work and to support diversity in the workforce. Our school recognises the importance placed on Developing the Young Workforce and in supporting young people become informed and empowered to make decisions regarding their future life. Key targets for the school include:


  • Offering a fuller range of qualifications, in partnership with college and other training providers which connect more directly to employment and provision of pathways for all young people
  • Pupil participation in the Hand Picked Academy
  • Pupil participation in the Career Ready Programme
  • Employer engagement to enhance and support curricular delivery
  • Work experience/placements


All curriculum areas support the DYW strategy through planned  learning activities and classroom experiences.  At Bell Baxter we set out to ensure that  all young people are given the opportunity to build on their skills and abilities which ultimately support learners in playing an active role in the labour market.


Find out more about DYW by clicking here.

Find out more about the Bell Baxter Skills Framework by clicking here. 

Made in Fife - DYW Fife launches Campaign

 Please click here for more information about a DYW Fife Campaign to recognise and celebrate diverse Careers successes in Fife.

Key School Contacts:

Miss C. Thomson (PT Employability & Work Experience) is the lead in this area and all pupils should contact Miss Thomson directly to arrange work experience (Room 200)


Skills Development Scotland Career Coaches:

Careers drop in sessions take place each lunchtime, from 12.30 pm, in the Careers Room situated in the purple corridor. Notices of employment, training, work experience and education opportunities will be highlighted on the Weekly Update and on the noticeboard outside Room 200 and in the dining hall.

Career Coaches are available in school Monday to Friday and support careers education via our Social Education programme:  pupils in Douglas, Dawson and Bell - pupils in Howe, Westport and Baxter

My World Of Work

Skills Development Scotland has launched a choices toolkit which aims to support pupils to make choices for their future career pathways. The toolkit allows learners to connect subjects with potential career opportunities and relevant job profiles. The toolkit can be accessed via the My World of Work website.

Useful Websites to support careers information

My World of Work
Skills Development Scotland
SQA Skills for Work


Qualifications information

SQA National Qualification Group Awards
Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework
Education Scotland
Parentzone Scotland (Education Scotland)
The National Parent Forum of Scotland