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Learning and Teaching Walkthroughs


We are fully committed to maximising the potential of all learners through the provision of consistently high-quality learning experiences. In order to ensure high quality learning and teaching takes place whole school and faculty mechanisms are implemented to monitor and evaluate learning and teaching across the school whilst continuously striving for improvement. The key aim of faculty walkthroughs is to support self-evaluation and continuous improvement in learning and teaching but they also serve to promote strong collegiate working and sharing of good practice.    


Whole School Learning and Teaching Walkthroughs (4-week cycle):

  • Learning and teaching walkthroughs (LTWT) are calendared across each Faculty throughout the course of a school session.
  • Walkthroughs take place over the duration of one week and involve several short “drop-in” visits over the course of the week. An identified team comprising promoted and un-promoted staff carry out the drop in visits.
  • Drop-in visits mirror Education Scotland best practice.
  • Learner Focus Groups capture pupils’ voice.
  • Action points follow each Faculty walkthrough and form the focus for our journey to continue improvement in learning and teaching.