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My Kids Career


Research shows that the most influential figures in children’s career choices are parents and carers, and to achieve the best outcomes, it’s important to start conversations early.

And that’s where we can help support you.

As a modern careers service, we’re aware of the demands of the working environment. Collaborating with employers at every level, we’ve got a picture of the skills in demand – and the skills that’ll be relevant in the future.

We use this intelligence to inform our career management service, encouraging people into jobs that suit their skills, strengths and ambitions – and, in turn, help build a modern and prosperous Scottish economy.

But to make our work effective, we need to deliver it in partnership with parents.

That’s why we’ve created 


By talking about careers with your children as early as you can, you’ll be able to help them find a job that offers them the future they want. But it can be difficult to know where to begin – or where to find the time.

Our discussion guides, written by expert careers advisers and designed to mirror your child’s milestones will provide the steps you need to approach these conversations with confidence.

From subject choices to the jobs of the future, routes to entry and what to do if they don’t get the exam results they need – we’ve got credible, up-to-date advice on critical issues.