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Parent Forum & Parent Council

Parent Forum 

Every parent with a child enrolled in school is automatically part of the Parent Forum. As a member of the Parent Forum, you:

  • Receive regular info on their children and the life of the school.
  • Can become involved with school whenever opportunities happen.
  • Participate in how the Parent Council is organised and runs.
  • Identify issues for Parent Council to work on.
  • Can express their individual/group views via the Parent Council.
  • Can be asked their opinion on school matters by Parent Council.
  • Work in partnership with staff in school setting.

Parent Council

These are independent of school/local authority. They have their own constitution and carry out the following activities:

  • Parent Council is selected by parents to work in partnership with school to decide priorities.
  • Ensure the school and learning is as good as it can be.
  • Communicate with and provide a voice for the parent forum on issues that are important to them.
  • Provide opportunities for school matters to be raised and discussed, then decided upon.
  • Capture and benefit from the range of ideas, skills, knowledge and opinions of all members.
  • Support strong partnership with school including support of events.
  • Improve the school’s understanding of how to engage with parents and children's learning.
  • Support self-evaluation process and discuss progress from a parent perspective.
  • Support links with the wider community.
  • Gather and represent the views of parents to Head Teacher, Local Authority and HMiE.
  • Fundraising in collaboration with school for the benefit of school and families.
  • Help with recruitment.
  • Contribute to inspections and school consultations.


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