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SQA 2024 Exams

SQA have now published revision support materials to help young people prepare for this year's exams.   Revision support materials have been tailored to each course and include:

Advance notice of content for some courses that will or will not be in the exam to support young people plan their revision.   

~ Study Guides for some courses to help learners practise answering exam questions which give hints and tips on how to approach different types of questions.   

~ Study Notes - in a small number of courses, learners will be able to prepare short study notes to support their examinations.

Where can I access the published SQA revision support?:   
Support materials are now available on the SQA website for all courses and is tailored to each course. Revision support documents can be accessed directly from the National Qualification subject pages of the SQA website at   Young people can also access the revision support from Ushare - a free online platform where users can share open-source revision materials and teaching resources that support SQA qualifications.

Education Scotland, in partnership with e-Sgoil, is also running a series of study support webinars for young people working towards National Qualifications in 2022. Details are available from the e-Sgoil website at

More information on the 2024 exams:   
The full SQA exam timetable is available at   In mid-April all young people sitting exams will be provided with a copy of the "Your Exam" booklet provided by SQA.  This tells all young people what they need to know about SQA exams including essential information and rules they must be aware of before the exam diet.