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SQA Appeals 2023


Examination Results – Appeals 2023


Our best wishes to all young people on the receipt of their examination results on Tuesday 8th August, 2023.  We would encourage all young people to sign up to MySQA to receive results by text or email.

Following the return of formal exams for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher courses this year, SQA are operating an Appeals Service.


What is the Appeals Service 2023?

The Appeals service this session has a different process to the one used last year as alternative assessment evidence will not be looked at. This year, if young people appeal a grade, a senior marker will carry out a marking review of the SQA-marked assessments.

This is not a re-mark.


A marking review checks that:

  • All parts of SQA assessments have been marked
  • The marking is in line with national standards
  • The marks given for each answer have been totalled correctly
  • and the correct results have been entered on the SQA system


Please note that after being reviewed, results could stay the same, go up or go down.

 Please click on the link below to read full details about the appeals service.

appeals 2023 proforma.pdf


How does the appeal service work?


There are 2 ways that an appeal can be submitted:


  • Learners can submit an appeal via the learner direct appeals service. This is accessed via S.Q.A website.
  • Centres can submit an appeal on behalf of a learner.


Although learners can make a direct submission to SQA for an appeal using the learner direct service  (key dates for submission are on the SQA website for this )  we would always recommend making contact with the school in order that a Principal Teacher can speak to a young person about any potential appeal.


Are there any circumstances where appeals cannot be made?


Please note appeals cannot be placed where a submission was already made during the exam diet under Exceptional circumstances.   


The appeals service is available for all National Courses with the exception of the following (which were wholly internally assessed in session 202/23:  National 5 Practical Electronics, National 5 Practical Metal Working, National 5 Wood Working.


Priority Appeals


An appeal can be prioritised if a young person has a conditional offer at university or college or offer of training or employment that depends on their grade.  Please contact the main school office via after 9am on Tuesday 8th August if a priority appeal is required and the learner direct service is not being used. We will require an approval form to be completed and signed by a young person to submit the appeal if going through the school.  The school deadline for priority appeals to be submitted to S.Q.A via SQA connect is Tuesday 15th August 2023.   S.Q.A will issue results to school on Monday 4th September and confirm outcomes to UCAS by Tuesday the 5th September.


Non Priority appeals


Please contact the main school office via after 9am on Tuesday 8th August if a non-priority appeal is required and the learner direct service is not being used.   We will require an approval form to be completed and signed  by a young person to submit an appeal if going through the school. The school deadline for non priority appeals is Friday 25th August. S.Q.A will issue results of non priority appeals to centres by the end of October.   


Replacement certificates following changes to a grade under the appeals service will be issued to learners in mid November 2023.


August Course Counselling


We will be offering course counselling appointments on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th August, for young people who need to make a course change due to their exam results. SQA exam results are due to arrive on Tuesday 8th August, and young people have until 5pm on Monday 14th August to let us know if they would like an appointment. 


Please click on the link below to complete an appointment form. We will share appointment details on your child's year team (Microsoft Teams) on Wednesday 16th August.

Please note we cannot guarantee that course moves will be possible, as a lot depends on spaces available and whether subjects are in the right column. Please also note that having missed classwork covered in June, young people will be expected to catch up on anything missed.