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School/College Partnerships

We recognise the importance of supporting young people into positive destinations working in partnership with local colleges and other key partners. The School College Partnership programme supports learners to study vocational qualifications at S.C.Q.F Levels 4 to 7 whilst also studying their school subjects. Key partners supporting curriculum delivery include Fife College and S.R.U.C.


Fife College and S.R.U.C programmes are delivered in Bell Baxter, college or a combination of both ensuring that all young people have access to the best available resources to learn and achieve in their chosen programme. College programmes are aimed at providing pupils with the necessary skills and knowledge to progress to the next S.C.Q.F level either in a subsequent year at school or to facilitate progression to full-time education at college or university.


The enhanced curriculum partnership offer available at Bell Baxter provides young people with increased learning opportunities linked to career pathways. Many of the options available are aligned to local, regional and national demand based on Labour Market Intelligence (L.M.I) and Skills Development Scotland Regional Skills Assessments.


Studying a School/College Partnership course enables young people to gain skills, confidence, qualifications (including Foundation Apprenticeships) and access to vocational pathways outwith the traditional school curriculum.


In S6 opportunities are also available for young people to study Open University courses in preparation for higher education.


Click here to find out more about Foundation Apprenticeships



Full details of all courses on offer is provided within our School College Partnership brochure below.


Fife College

Online applications must be completed for all Fife College school/college partnership courses. Course information and the ability to make application for courses to be delivered by Fife College can be found here:



S.R.U.C courses do not require an online application to be made. Details of courses on offer by S.R.U.C can be found by clicking on the links below:


Open University (Open to S6 Pupils Only)

Details of YASS module on offer can be found by clicking on the link below: