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Study Support

The study support initiatives on offer at Bell Baxter High School serve to support our learners to raise attainment and achievement. These programmes are designed to promote positive personal and social development. Study Support encompasses a wide range of activities that are designed to further enrich young peoples’ learning whilst also better preparing learners for SQA examinations.   

Study supports takes place outside of normal school hours (i.e. lunch breaks, after school, weekends, school holidays and during study leave). Our study support programmes are all linked to the school curriculum, the activities are open to all learners and attendance is voluntary. The purpose of the activities is to assist our learning, raise achievement, and to promote positive personal and social change (e.g. attitudes to learning, motivation, self-esteem, teamwork).


  • Easter School: This takes place during the Easter Holidays where our learners will be invited to take part in activities / lessons that focus on exam techniques and provide intensive support in the lead up to the SQA Exams (i.e. timed questions, revision guides, questioning, peer marking, paper papers)


  • Masterclasses: A masterclass takes place during the Study Leave Programme and directly prior to a subject examination. This allows the learners to consolidate their learning and ask any burning questions relating to their exam. The activities in these masterclasses (like study support & Easter School) are personalised to the learners and their needs.